Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The "hearth" of our home!

Designing a home is so hard to do, you never know if everything will go together and blend well.  I always knew I wanted a stone fireplace but towards the end of our project, we were running out of money!  I begged my husband and told him it would totally make this room so much more cozy to add a stoned fireplace.  After some time, he agreed, and we scrounged our last pennies to make it a reality--if you are at all debating about stoning your fireplace...I say without a doubt DO IT!!  You will never regret it:)

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  1. Shelby!
    Oh my gosh! I love your blog! Ive always wanted to start one. Anyways, we are going to stone our fireplace soon!! We have river rock to put up over some old orange brick, its well overdue for an update. We remodeled the kitchen last year and now the rest of the house needs attention. We are doing a wall remodle right now...messy!
    I have to go pick out some new carpet soon and tile for the entryway! When the walls are ready I need to pick a paint color..which is hard for me. I dont want to go too dark in here as its been darker for years now. Too, I have leather furniture coming on Thurs! Im so excited! Maybe you should be helping me pick the paint!! Its hard for me to pick all these things and hope it all comes together nicely. Not sure what look Im going for as long as its tasteful and cozy!!
    Your house is beautiful!!!! :)
    Megan Saari


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