Thursday, January 23, 2014

Taking the Road Less Traveled.

Isn't it funny how life works? We follow along on a path, trying to stay on the straight and narrow; Trying to avoid any detours, bumps in the road, unexpected breakdowns. We stay on our "safe path" in hopes of getting to our "destination" were we, in our mind, our supposed to arrive in this life. We are told about this "happy ending".

Map for future Looks Like This:
School, college, job, marry, house, dog, baby boy, baby girl, new house, vacations, grandkids, retirement... etc. etc. etc.
...the list goes on and on... in an endless cycle. To be honest, I often find it a little nauseating and repetitive, boring perhaps!
My mind starts running and I  think...what would happen if more people in this world took
the road less traveled?
 Could that possibly lead to something even bigger for us, something beyond our wildest imaginations?
People are scared to take the road less traveled, BECAUSE..
...what happens on a road less traveled?
It is not paved, NOT PLOWED, not groomed. It is narrow, there is less traffic, it is dark, scary, dangerous...but sometimes on a road less traveled the end result is something AMAZINGLY beautiful! Like a waterfall never seen, like a lake never touched...

..What if we said, "Listen, this isn't all there is? I am not being fulfilled by earthly things."
and THAT.. it is very understandable because I have found out..
...It is hard to be fulfilled with earthly things because you are missing out, you are missing out on the glory & happiness  that comes from being obedient and listening to God.
GOD & taking in his word is so inspiring, so fulfilling.

In your hearts...
You may be hearing a strong calling  to help the less fortunate, serve at the soup kitchen, start an organization, help the needy, help the abused, adopt, be a surrogate, take in foster children, travel the world, but you are scared. YOU ARE SCARED TO TAKE THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED
& that is okay, it is okay to be scared, it is ok to be broken at times...
because when you are broken into pieces the lord picks them up & puts them together... often times he puts them together into something even more miraculous THEN BEFORE!

I was once very broken, being 18 and pregnant was scary, being looked at like a  child who is going to live off the system for the rest of her life, being another statistic..another teenage mom..
.but those broken pieces, those pieces I carried with me and SOMEHOW God took those pieces and put them BACK together into something I could not have even imagined.

If you have a strong calling to do something that many others haven't done or are trying to conquer something many haven't...stay strong.....follow your heart, turn down that road...even though it is dark, scary, are not alone...God is there.

....Good night Everyone!

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