Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Turqouise~my Inspiration color! Always has..always will!

Hey Everyone~it has been such a long time since I blogged & I have been really missing it! I love writing and getting ideas from other "bloggers" in "blog-land". I wanted to share with everyone a "decorating project" my friend, Melissa Hillman from Virginia did for me....

If any of you my older posts, I had this dining room buffet table that had me really puzzled! It was a family hand-me-down and I just didn't want to let go of it! So...I absolutely LOVE the color turquoise and I asked my friend, who is beyond talented at painting furniture and making unique items to paint it for me in a distressed look & you should see how cute it came out!!

THE BEFORE: This picture was taken in my old house and it was in the dining room :)
It was stained brown and didn't have much life to it :)

THE AFTER: I am looking forward to putting this "saved" and "recreated" piece of furniture in our new home~we have a dining room open kitchen concept and this will be a main piece!!

She distressed it and gave it a very modern look :) I just love it!

Looks kind of empty without art work on the wall, but we are currently renting and I don't want to put holes in the walls..imagine how nice with a framed piece of art above it!

Soooooo....when you cannot afford to buy brand new furniture...find a old piece you love and try to recreate something beautiful~It doesn't have to be brand new! To me, sometimes the best pieces have a story!! 

In my past I have always tried to put in my house meaningful things that bring LOVE & WARMTH to a house...and this was my goal with a piece my Great Aunt left for me to enjoy! So, for those of us not able to buy brand new...enjoy the pieces you have and make something amazing!

Thanks Again...Melissa Hillman!

And a little hint about the new house...the Island in the kitchen has a little splash of color too!

House Update: Things are moving along~plumbing almost done and then the drywall!  Then my favorite part...decorating!! Can't wait to show you guys :)

 Sometimes when you think things went wrong...they really went right! So excited for our new adventure!!

Luvs, Shelby

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  1. Turquoise is my favorite color too! I'm getting ready to attempt to redo a buffet that I've had in our guest room as a mock dresser for the past couple of years... This is great inspiration!

    Michelle @ Ya Gotta Have a Hobby


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