Monday, February 16, 2015

I thought he would pull away, but He didn't!

Here I am drinking coffee and scrolling facebook, loooking at the pictures of my son's big win last night, all while my house is experiencing a "Hockey House Hangover".  I'm sure all you mom's know what I am talking about..when you LOOK around your home and see the wrath of the weekend events.
The hilarious and odd part about it is..I don't even mind. 

My mudroom is flooded with jerseys, boots, and hockey bags.

My refrigerator is filled with take out boxes and week old milk. 

I am in desperate need of a grocery store run, but even in my suburban I can't get away from stench of hockey bags lingering in the seats. 

The laundry room has piles of clothes and the bathrooms show evidence of our quick shower and run weekend.

I often wonder, Would I truly ever want it any other way? My answer is No! 

If I could Freeze time right now I would. If I could bottle this time with my kids I would. The truth is, I can't. We don't know the future of our life or of there's. 

All I know is I am soaking up EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of this time with them. 

I know it sounds bad, but I could really give a rats behind about the state my house is in right now. (nothing against rats...LOL)

I know eventually it will all be cleaned and tidy and when it finally is in perfect order...
I will have an urge to have 15 kids come over and make their presence known. 

I want pop bottles and chips on the island. I want shoes filling up my mudroom. 
I want that suburban filled to the brim with kids, because I know, this time will not last forever. 

In any moment this time with our children will be over and then we will weep. 

..At the end of the game last night, I put my arms around my son..who is now towering over me and I didn't want to let go! I thought he would pull away and I was amazed that he didn't. I do, believe, that he may also understand how fast time truly goes. I smelled his skin and even though stinky it was a smell I didn't want to forget.  You mama's out there know what I mean.. when you inhale them just to remember this moment and praying it would never end.

So Mamas, even in the mumbo and jumbo of a crazy, messy house...let's embrace this moment we are enjoying with the boys and pray to the LORD that we can enjoy more "messy" moments with them...because in a blink of an will be gone!

Loves, Shelby   
*Dedicated to my son Jacob Peterson, who I could NEVER imagine my Life without!
Love you buddy!


  1. Shelby - this is exactly what I've been feeling lately!! Thanks for putting it into such amazing words!!

  2. Well said. The moments go by so fast, embrace every one of them.


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