Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another ones trash~is another ones treasure~Can I pass it to one of my followers?

A while back~I was at this garage sale and in the back of her garage I saw this old, old dresser. I asked her if it was for sale and she says in a hurried voice, "If you would take it, you can have it~Save me a trip to the dump!" Inside my heart was skipping a beat as I wanted that piece soooo bad! I thought it would look perfect in my entry way!  

....I brought the thing home, threw it in my garage and vacuumed all the cobwebs out~then I went to Target and got new knobs for it! All my neighbors were laughing at me, "What are you doing with that thing?" I excitedly told them the story of my new find and how it will make a perfect addition to my home! They couldn't believe I would bring that in my house!

So far, it has standed the test of time~through a move and into our rental home where I found a perfect spot for it...BUT, I don't plan on taking it to the new home because I don't have a perfect spot! if anyone would want to be the new owner after must follow my blog and just leave me a comment! (you have to live close & haul yourselves)~

1st comment gets it!! And if no one comments~LOL~I will donate it to the GoodWill!

                           As I've said before...Another ones another man's treasure!!

                                                                  Luvs, Shelby

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  1. Did I do this right ? Because I really want this.....


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