Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bringing my "dear hubby" spying on progress!

..On this LOVELY spring day I took a ride to the New house to "check" on dear hubby and see if he needed some "LUNCH"...OK I wanted to spy and see how the progress was coming at our "new pad"..well everything is going good..well fine...well lets just say moving along.

My hubby slaves away, day in and day out...I stop by and make my "needs known"...checking on the construction process and making sure it is all up to me and my "dear mother's" standards.  For those of you who haven't met my mother..she is a sweetie, but she likes things done a certain way~ya, her way! So "dear hubby" not only answers to me~also dear mother...but overall when I got their spirits were good!!  

I did want to share with everybody the REALITY of the SITUATION!!

Move in Date: June 1
Move in Date: July 1
Let's Try AUGUST 1st :)

All joking set aside, Travis and his grandpa are working so hard and doing the best they can, but with only a couple takes time...So, I wanted to share with everyone the trueness of the house!!

Let's take a LOOK..! I cannot fib or tell you things are going great~its' a construction zone but it's my "New Home"

The front entry.....

...So, as you see so much to do!! Drywall is next and with that comes lots of fun projects!

In all honesty..I can not wait till we have our first night will be a dream!!

Peace and Luvs,

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