Sunday, February 27, 2011

I guess one's trash is anothers treasure :)

It's Sunday Night and we had a busy day--we were out of town for hockey, but I managed to do a little shopping.  I was hoping to find some good deals!  Lately, I have been having luck at the Good Will and my favorite (off-season) is garage sales!  When you have four children, it is hard to find furniture that with stands their jumping, food spilling, and just pure chaos.  I was really pumped this past summer when I went to a rummage sale and found this old distressed coffee had a five dollar sticker on it!  I said, "that's my new coffee table."  The owner of it, looked at me with a weird face!  I said...your trash-my treasure!  You just never know! The sitting spot by the window was another garage sale find...I added some cushions and use it as a window seat :)  But, don't sit on it---for looking only:)  Not very sturdy!!  Well, have a awesome Sunday night--- I hope you enjoy some of the pictures of my "treasures".

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