Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a.....huge Mudroom!

Oh my goodness--when we signed up for a hockey, I didn’t think I was signing up for a living room full of hockey equipment, socks drying out on the kitchen counter, and a stinky house!  What does a mom do with it all?  If I knew then…what I know now--I would have built a mud room in my home just like these ones!  Don’t these pictures just make you so envious….labeled lockers, perfect storage bins, room for all the kids winter clothes, and it all looks perfect .  Who are these women and will they come to my rescue? Everytime I say....I am going to get this house organized and have labeled bins....I get as far as buying the bins and then I am stuck!
 Are you one of the lucky ones?  Check out the pictures of mudrooms I found on google…it will make any women cry with jealousy.  A girl can dream..right?


  1. I have a mudroom that collects everything...everywhere...its mudroom madness. It would be awesome to have a well organized one!! But thats last on the list. I need to be on a show where they come and makeover the space! Haha...
    Megan Saari

  2. Oh, Megan....I am totally with you...I need someone to come and help me organize also! Thanks so much for stopping by my are so sweet :)


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