Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Does your front door need something....Check out what I bought on Etsy :)

 So, my front door was looking a little boring--I decided to go searching for something fun to add to it.  I stumbled upon these at Etsy.com.  It is being sold by.......piccadillypeddler! They are decals for your front door--they come in many different colors and different fonts!  It is so neat because if you get sick of it you can take it off!  I have this exact same door but in turqouise, so I bought the tan color lettering!  I cannot wait until it comes :)
I love when I find something that not many people have...it adds uniqueness to a person's home!  The awesome thing is they weren't even expensive...I think I paid 14.50.  If your at all interested check out their site...you might like this on your own door!  Hope you are having a great day---Shelby :)

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