Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, it is a been a pretty hectic week--between all four kids, work, and hockey--when I get home I need a place where I can hind and take a breather! Usually the bathroom (ha,ha)-- Somedays it is not even possible---I found these adorable door hangers that you can hang outside your room to let your family know you need a breather! I just love them...I found them on (Piccadilly Peddlers)...I just love her stuff!

Another thing I found, was these adorable decals for girls rooms---they were from PopWall on Etsy---I just love them because they are not permanent and can be switched easily!  Wouldn't any girl just love to have this--heck I want it in my room :)
And last but not least, by Front Door Step on Etsy---chalkboard hooks---can you stand it!  It is just so adorable!  If you don't know by know I have an obsession with chalkboards--funny thing is, I don't like writing with chalk--I know I'm weird!  Anyways--hope you enjoyed my sweet finds!
Have an awesome Wednesday :)

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  1. I want that tree for Ava's room!! She has jungle theme so it's look perfect. Super cute!


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