Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time to pull out the Pottery Barn Credit Card...shhh!! Don't Tell :)

Oh my gosh...the Pottery Barn Catalog came today and they had these adorable framed chalkboards, whiteboards, and bulletin boards---I'm like, I needs these in my back entry way (pictured above)---They are kind of pricey (79.00/piece)--But, I love pottery barn---I just wish it was more affordable!!  Can a house ever even look this good?
 Now, I just gotta find this bench somewhere---I think JC Penny's has one similar--and half the price :)   I was talking to the ladies in the lounge today, I was asking them if I am the only super disorganized wife/mother or do they also feel like there house is in disarray?  They felt the same as me...after working they find it hard to go home and get the house in perfect shape....I wish there was an easier way!

This is another Pottery Barn favorite.....wouldn't this be perfect in a playroom or boys room? 
Well, until I win the lottery or max out my credit card....I might just have to keep dreaming or find a cheaper option--if you find any good look a likes keep me posted!
Happy Thursday----
Shelbs :)


  1. Shelby... you are too cute! I have been reading your blog and LOVE your decorating ideas. I will say on the above framed cork boards and chalk boards... that this could easily be accomplished at home! At a bar I used to work at we actually painted the bathroom stahls with "chalk board" spray paint.found at any local home depot or lowes You take any piece of metal, paint it with this stuff and frame it and it works just like a chalk board and for only $5.99 and some scraps. The cork board one looks pretty easy to do as well! In addition to that... if you ever get a chance to get into a TJ Max HOME GOODS store they always have seating like above for very reasonable. Also, Target even has one very similiar. ( I love pottery barn too but cannot justify their price. Thanks for the fun decorating tips! I love your blog!

  2. not sure why this won't let me post with a normal name attached to it but the above post was from me, Kristen Edens.

  3. Kristen---
    You are so sweet :) Thanks for reading my blog! I know I can't justify paying all that either, but I am not very handy---maybe I will show Travis what you said and he possibly could help me out! Thank you so much for helping me out!
    Keep reading because I am going to be having a super fun give away if you are a follower of the blog---you'll like it:)


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