Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Hope everyones Tuesday is Leaving them Cheerful.

For many of you who know me, you may know that I usually have many bracelets on.
So many that I tend to have arm pain at the end of the day!
...I love bracelets with Christian Quotes, Crucifix bracelets, and wrap around bracelets!
~Many people throughout the day ask where I get them or why I wear so many!

To me, my bracelets are a daily reminder to stay strong in my faith..
there are so many days were I fall short in my faith or I lose trust in God.

It is not to show others that I am a "good Christian" 
( I am a Sinner and Need Jesus as My savior)

 It's definitely not to say
 that I have this Christian thing "all together"
because I am very far from that!


When I'm struggling or feeling alone, I look at my bracelets to remind me that I am not alone..
I have a Jesus by my side all the time!!

Most Recently I found these Bracelets on Amazon & I just love them..
I also Love that they are cute & affordable :)

Each saying Represents the Following to me & maybe you too would be inspired by them!

#1. My Heart is Yours Forever~to me that symbolizes giving your Life to God Forever; you are giving him your heart. Even when you may seem far away or disconnected, let this be your reminder that Your Heart is For God, even when your Faith waivers.

#2. Where there Is Love there is Faith~knowing that God Loves you despite all your sins and imperfections, that will lead you to a Greater Faith in him!

#3. Your Love is Endless~God's Love for you is Endless, without waivering..Even when you feel you are not worthy of God's Love this is a Reminder Gods Love is Endless and Forever!

#4. You and No Other~God Chose you for a Purpose, he knew your purpose before you were born. He chose You and No Other for his purpose.

Each one of these phrases may mean something different to you, but having this wrapped around my wrist, Is a great reminder during the day for me!

No Matter where you are in your faith..you are worthy of God's Love 
It is always important to continual grow and build a Deeper Connection with Jesus!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone...
Hope your day is "wrapped" with God's Love!


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