Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lately I have been dragging...Like a Turtle!

Happy Sunday Evening Everyone
~Hope everyone had a nice weekend~

Lately, I have been feeling a little "drab"..
I think it has to do with the fact I have not been working out at all!
The past summer, I got into running and was really enjoying it..
We even did a couple "5k's and Rampage at the Ridge"

A matter of fact, I hate to brag, but I even got ELECTROCUTED in one race!
I know, I know, that's pretty amazing  outstanding
...but, lately I have been dragging....

Like a TURTLE...
(hence the Ninja Turtle Costumes)

 I want to get my MOJO back & start working out again...
or SLOWLY start getting in shape again.

For me, there is a big connection between my spiritual self and physical self!
I need them both to be in check for myself to really feel GOOD.

Here are my Goals:

#1. Get a Membership at a fitness club
(I am scared to do this because I feel like I always start things and don't finish..
Hence, I will be paying monthly feels and not going...
but, not this time, 
it is going to be different, right?)

#2. Start drinking water
*more than 1 glass a day because I can tell I am really dehydrated.

#3. Wake up earlier..this is a hard one for me!
I think I am wasting a lot of valuable time in the morning...just sleeping :)

#4.  Buy one of these Fit bands because accessories always get me excited.
You should see the capabilities & it is my favorite color.

And Lastly...

#5. Pray..
Pray for strength to get healthy and stay motivated.
I know God wants me to take care of my body and cherish the one I have.

So, I will be praying not only for my strength but for any of you who need help to get motivated to get Healthier in 2015. Not only for physical improvement, but for emotional and spiritual wellness.

Let's Kick off this Week with a Bang....

(that's from Ninja Turtles...get it turtles~tubular)

Peace, Love, and Blessings to you all,

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