Monday, December 8, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year & I am not setting the bar high fro myself.

Hey Everyone!
Wow, it has been so Long since I blogged on Collettis!

Hope Everyone is having a Joyous Holiday Season so Far!

To me..
December is Flying By!!
Oddly...this season has NOT been Stressful so Far!

Usually, I am a nut case during Christmas..
this year..
I am not letting that happen!

I am setting my standards that helps!
If everything doesn't get done~that's okay.
If I don't bake the perfect cookies & buy them children will survive!

One thing that helped me~was Decorating Early so I can actually enjoy and soak in the moment!!

I Wanted to share a little room in my home with all of you!
So far, it has been my funnest room to decorate!

Found these fun stockings at Menards & the Pillows at TJ Max!

Turquoise cushions from Pier One!

My skinny minnie Christmas Tree

Thanks for coming in for a visit!
I hope that you guys are taking in the moment and not stressing out about Christmas!
Take time to Remember the True Meaning of Christmas!
Jesus's Birthday!
~Allow yourself to have peace & Love!

It's the Most Wonderful time of the year :)

Love always,

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