Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The basement is "heating up"

...The basement is heating up--and in deed it is---The concrete guys were at the house today pouring the concrete floors...Travis even added a heating system under the floors to make them extra toasty in the winter---it took him a lot of extra time, but in the end I think we are going to LOVE having them...
The hardest part is OVER....way to go Babe!

Can't wait to chill in the "hang out room"

Area under front porch to keep things cool...a wine cellar perhaps :)

Workers were there smoothing it all out!

 Travis has been there almost every night until 10:00---he is going to be relieved to have this part, the hardest part of the building process..done!!!!....I suggested we keep it like this, set up a net and just let the boys shoot pucks down there...however, the plan is a living room for the kids, bedroom, playroom, and a sauna :)  I can't picture it all fitting down there but Travis convinces me it will!!!

Now, he is taking some much needed time off to go Deer Hunting...Thanks babe for all your hard work!!

Shelby :)


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