Saturday, October 13, 2012

We have walls!!!!!!!Yippee :)

....HOUSE #2, We have walls :)  I cannot believe it!! I am starting to think this really is happening!

It is looking like a house...I cannot believe it :)

Friends and family always over helping :)

Travis is there day and night working on the house...I feel sooo blessed!

....I am amazed how fast this house is coming along---considering my husband is doing it himself (with soooo much help from neighbors, friends, and family)...My sons', especially Austin, love helping their dad...Austin leaves bright and early with Travis to drive the bobcat...We stop by twice a day to deliver Lunch & give dad a hug :) Collette misses him so much, but we tell her "Daddy is building princess her own castle..." my mind he is referring to me, but I know he is talking about Collette.

---I am in awe of how different this house will be from our 1st home...this is going to be quite a change for us--The time is going fast and the projected move in time should be July...Travis vows that he thinks it could possibly be May..I am not holding my breathe!  This time, I want to make sure the house is done top to bottom before we move in..I do not feel like I am in a hurry to move like my 1st one!

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