Thursday, March 20, 2014

To many the Sun brings happiness, but to some it is a constant reminder of the pain of the day.

The Sun, to so many people is such a joyous thing.  Seeing it come out in the morning brings a feeling of happiness, rejuvenation, and energy to so many people. The warmness of the sun heats their soul. It is a reminder of the Light & good of the world..But we must not forget, we must not forget the ones afraid of "the Light".

There are many people around us everyday; in our neighborhoods, at our workplace, in our own family that are scared to see that light. The light, the sun, is a daily reminder of their pain.

 ~For they will have to face the hurt in there own lives another day.

As the sun comes up every morning, people with severe depression, addictions, secrets, fears, anxiety, sickness, death, are scared of that light.  The sun is a constant reminder of the pain of the day, the grief & hurt they must endure another day. Many want to stay in the dark, because they cannot see there pain in the dark. It is hidden. No one knows its there. 

For those of you hurting, "those afraid of the light" I pray for you.

 I pray that you can see the "sun" the "light" as a CONSTANT REMINDER that God Loves You and Is there for you Every morning you wake up; without a doubt dark will turn into light. You can choose to close the shades and hide the light; but it is there.

The sun  is like God's Love For you.
It is there behind your curtains even when you close them. 
.. All you need to do is open the shades, invite the Lord in, and know that he will warm your soul.

~Start slowly, open the shades for a minute. Show Jesus You need him.
Do not be afraid of the Light; In fact, go to the light and that is where your soul will be healed...

A flower, a seed, needs sun to thrive...Don't Let your soul die! God is there!


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