Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Love How Ladies Have Followed Their Dreams--Etsy Love!

So, I have really enjoyed writing this has really opened my eyes to the amazing world of womens blogs and ETSY!!
*I have been so surprised to find out women in our area, friends of mine, have ETSY shops...and I didn't even know!  I just can't believe how ladies are following their dreams and creating shops on ETSY!

...I have found a wonderful shop on ETSY called: OLDNEWAGAIN
Check out some of their things:

*Aren't her hooks adorable....she has tons more and they are reasonable!!

***My thought for today:  Never be embarrassed or scared to follow your dreams, who cares what others think...most of the time they are thinking they wish they would have done it too :)

...A special Happy Birthday Message to Austin and Andrew who turned "7" today!

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  1. I also love ETSY! These hooks are cute... Check out summerroad's shop - I bought a few things from her!


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