Monday, April 29, 2013


....Happy Crazy Monday Everyone~I hope your day was a little better then mine as it started out hectic from the get go~you know those mornings where all the kids are fighting and trying to find socks..yeah that was me today!!!

On a completely brighter note....I have the WINNER for the $20 Target Gift Card Giveaway!
The turnout was beyond amazing...we had 154 entries!!!! We also had over 1500 hits yesterday!
Thanks to all my friends who support me & the newbies I found along the way!

So I used RANDOM PICKER and Brenda Pederson Suihkonen was the WINNER!
So Brenda, please email be at or message me on facebook to receive your giftcard! Can I get a whoop, whoop?!!!!

*****I am REALLY excited to say that EVERY SUNDAY is going to be Giveaway day:
........Collette's Sunday Giveaway~with prizes changing weekly!!!
 My GOAL is to share with my readers exciting fun products that we can all use & enjoy!!!

  ***It is 70 Degrees out and Sunny and I know we want to be outside....but with that, brings
GETTING RID OF WINTER, CLEANING OUT THE CLOSETS & ORGANIZING :) Well for most people, not usually me but I am in the spirit....
..........On a decorating note I wanted to try to inspire everyone.......
*Check out how these people changed their closets just by adding a little something :)

So, whoever though wallpaper was out....Look at this! Wallpaper in the closet can you believe it!!!

Please check out this nursery at
..........In the new house, I plan to do something like the above picture in Collette's room~just to add a little something!!  Anyone know how to wallpaper....LOL :)

Made a boring closet...into a place you'd be happy to show off!

 ***As I had closets on my mind, then that leads me to baskets...POLK-A-DOT baskets!!
Look what I found at Kohls :) Super Cute!

 ...I am sick of paying 19.99 for one basket~here you can get sets of "3" for a lot cheaper!  I will be putting these in Collette's new closet!  They come in many colors & styles...check them out!!! I am getting the pinks one....I hope you find a color you like!!! Wouldn't they be cute in a mudroom :)

Happy Monday and Thanks for your support.....I really appreciate it!
Luvs, Shelby :)

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