Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometimes you just need to lay your head on someone else's shoulder :)

.............Today was one of those days...were you question everything you did or changes you made in your life~
Today I felt like I didn't know which way was I sit here, I am finally winding down~relaxing~feeling better!

The thought of....

***The new house, my new job, the kids, (their issues), ALL their activities, sings, cleaning, dinner, is exhausting!!

Sometimes you just need to lay your head on someone else's shoulder...even if it's your sons :)

... I am so grateful to have this little outlet...a place where I can write how I'm feeling...

*****sometimes when you write something down~it seems so much better then actually saying it out loud!!

So Many Moms have it Together~I just keep working at it...I hope one day I do!!

Sometimes when you admit the truth to others,  your afraid there judging you..but when I write it~the words go out to blogland...where my bloggets can just soak it up and I feel there's support!!

********You can have stress and a crazy Life, but you can be a happy person who gives back to others and spreads Love....I feel blessed everyday and  keep telling myself that the bumps in the road make me a more caring person and a better friend!

I know one thing...You need your friends & You need family...I am grateful for them :)

Some pictures of My Support :)
Steph and Nita :)

Sepp :)

Jules :)

My Sisters ;) My Life Lines!!

To all of my friends out in blogland~Peace and Love~from Me :) Shelby!

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  1. I love this lady...such a precious soul! There is no one else out there like her!!! I am so lucky to have found her in my path of life...the stars were lined up!


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