Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How do you think these measure up? Decorating with 6ft. Rulers!

 Happy Wednesday!!
How's your day measuring up?
The only thing I see measuring up is the snow accumulation.

Enough about the Snow!

Let's cheer ourselves up with a fun project.
Are you ready?
The Do~it~Yourself....6ft. Ruler!!

What's that you ask?
It's a fun way to show off your growing child, plus it adds a fun design element to any room.

First Up..We have this cute "Artwork display Area"
By: Home is what you make it!
They have the 6ft. ruler,
Next to it..
They have clipboards for displaying kids artwork..
You can just switch it out!


Next Up,
We have this adorable Spring Front Porch.
My dear neighbor made me one a few years back & this is exactly what I'm doing with mine!
The designer from: Cottage in the Oaks
Added some adorable Lanterns, Mason Jars, flowers, and a cute chalkboard to make it complete!

This next one even looks adorable in a living room!
This Chevron Ruler from:
Will run you around $67.00 but is Oh so Cute!

 A more affordable option from Etsy is the Burlap Version
Love how it just lays nicely next to any door, taking up little space!
Like what you see?
Want to try to make one at on your own?
 Follow this Link for the Easy Do it yourself Instructions:

Looking for a Different Color or Style:
This one would be adorable in a Nursery
It's easy and affordable!
Source here:

If you are like me and need to watch something to learn how!
Here is a great tutorial :)

Not sure your Ready to "do it yourself"
You can purchase them on Etsy!

These are from:
They are adorable with the names on them & run around $67.00 

Hope You Enjoyed today's Do-it Yourself Project!


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