Friday, February 25, 2011

Stripes or no stripes...that is the question??? GIVEAWAY BELOW :)

This striped wall seemed like it was going to be so hard to do (I am not the handiest women).  I thought this will be so hard to paint and measure, but once we got going...I seriously had this project done in a day--and I am not Martha Stewart (believe me :).  Luckily I had my sister and we busted our butts...but we got it done!  Now, there were two things I had that you may not have:
1.  A sweet sister to help me :)
2.  A sweet husband who measured and shot the lines for me!
Now, the good don't need these two things, but they help...if your are a go getter you could definately handle this one on your own! 
My measurements:
You take 7.5 inches from the top draw a line and 7.5 inches from the bottom draw lines:  shoot lines with lazer or use whatever you have.
Then once you have drawn those lines...measure 15 inches between them until you are done.  Now, this is on my ceiling--which I believe is 7.5ft. not including 1/2 foot for baseboard.
Once you have measured the is now time to tape! Tape appropriately so you can do a different color every row...then, once that is all done---start painting!  You do one color at a time, because you have to tape and then remove. I used shades of cream...but you could use any colors you would like...if you want to know my colors just message me :) 
I am sure I confused you...but, I am a confusing girl :)

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