Sunday, March 6, 2011

A drinking fountain in your House??? Pretty much the best idea I hav ever heard of!

So, I was looking at other peoples blogs, and I am came around this blog called August Fields....Here home was out of this world---She had the best ideas!  One being this...a drinking fountain in here home--wouldn't that be perfect!  The neighbor kids are always asking for a glass of water--you could just say; go use the drinking fountain :)  No cups--no mess!

Another amazing idea she had was this...a "peep hole"  from the kitchen to the other room---you could also use it to slide food through or give them a snack!

Look at this one....this is how they display art work in their school room :)
 Oh my, check out her mudroom--so jeolous!!
If you have time...check out her blog---August Fields--simply amazing :)

Well, have a great Sunday---Giveaway coming real soon!
Shelbs :)

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