Saturday, March 5, 2011

I LOVE THESE TOO :) I need to stay off etsy...I am going broke!

Ok,  I have to share one more thing before I finish blogging today....I have to admit I am getting a little addicted to Etsy. But, aren't these frames adorable...they are custom by"Studio6Fresno"....wouldn't these be perfect in a child's room----or for gifts :)  Ok, way too much fun today!!
Peace out peeps :)


  1. we could make the letter art easy! and also the hooks with the cute designs! some cute paper, letter cut outs and a little mod podge would do the trick. trust me, shelby, you have alot of craft potential -- and etsy does rule! however, check out a few DIY blogs and you will have all the knowledge you need to complete the project! By the way, I have long been wanting a water fountain in the house! I struggle to get Lila to drink enough plain water..... I have never seen her guzzle it like she does at the gym water fountain!

  2. i thought of you when i was perusing this mod podge craft site. so i thought i would post this tutorial for you on a DIY letter frame.


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