Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Laundry stinks...but, it might not if I had these laundry rooms!

You should see my laundry room...it is nothing like this, maybe that is why I don't like doing it!!
Check out some of these ideas to spruce up the boring old laundry room---
Add a little sign or a bowl full of soap :)
 Add some cute shelves, decorative bins, and a colorful ironing board---crap, do people still iron?
Or, why not add a beautiful chandelier to your laundry room (ha,ha)....but I could handle these adorable hooks, the awesome baskets, and some pretty towels---no that's doable!! (pictures from decor-pad)

Add a beautiful backsplash....or some beautiful cupboards--featured on Hooked on Houses blog!
Aren't you jeolous....ok, I better go work on my project for the week---sprucing up my laundry room :)
Then, maybe I will actually do some!

Luv ya,

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