Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Loving these ideas for a little order amongst the kiddos!

So, life has been pretty hectic around here--especially with our new little addition---

You probably wonder how I even have time to blog; but to me it is an outlet--a little place to go to relax and have fun :)

But, Lately--the house chores have been out of control--I am doing EVERYTHING and the kids aren't really doing their, I thought, I need a chore chart--check out the cool ones I found :)

I just love the concept above...totally side tracked--now back to chore charts!

I love the concept of pulling out sticks for your chore----it seems so fair and their should be no whining about it--yeah right!  I also like the middle one...because it is eye friendly!

So, that is my goal this week---develop a chore chart and STICK TO IT!!

Check out my Etsy Finds:
Isn't this soo's a wall decal! I love the look of it....surprised it's chalkboard like!

This kind of looks cool....I could see it in a hallway or office space!

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