Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HELP....my walls need color!

Hey Ladies--
I have been a busy girl with the Dress event we have going on, but I wanted to post a quick blog about the power that changing a wall color can do....

COLOR--will make your trim pop, your furniture pop, and your room look a whole lot newer if you add a fresh coat of paint :) I have never been afraid of color...a matter of fact I think I change my color way to much--

Check out these pictures of some bright living rooms:

Obviously, these ladies weren't afraid...check out the lime green--I love how they added bamboo shades, stone, and some pillows and it totally mellows the green! VERY NICE!

Don't BE afraid of Color...you can always change it :)


Check out this sign, you slide it over and it goes from clean to dirty :)

How easy is this....a pre-made scrapbook--just slip the pictures in!

Now, I can handle that---
Luv ya,
Shelbs :)

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