Thursday, March 10, 2011

The many "stones" of Shelby's home....

One thing you need to know about my decorating sense is I LOVE TO USE STONE!!  My whole house would be stone if I could afford it--Let's take a look at the many "stones" of Shelby:

1st There was the main Living room--believe it or not, we were so broke after building our home we almost did not add this...we were a little "over" budget---glad my husband agreed with me that we must have it! It's my favorite part of my house!
The next thing stone pillars on the front porch---they were just plain white pillars; but I BEGGED and BEGGED for the stone pillars---Luckily, my husband agreed :)
Then...I surprised my husband for our Anniversary--I had his "man cave" fireplace be stoned!  It turned out great :) He got over it....eventually :)
Last, but not least...our stone tile in our master bath--The only place in our home where I can hind :) I have a few addictions:
-chalkboard paint
-and stone :) 
But, I have an awesome supportive husband...who allows me to be me :)  Good thing he has a job!!

I encourage you to add stone somewhere in your house if you are thinking about makes a boring room look so lovely!

LUV ya,

My NEXT PROJECT :)...a girl can dream, right?

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