Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kathi's idea :) Just Love it--Thanks Kathi! my good friend Kathi Croft and I were chatting at school and she was telling me the fun things she did with an old window pane she had--she offered to let me post it on my blog--it is an awesome idea...
I liked it so much...I did some research and found some more to show everybody--

This first one is from Kathi Croft--she puts black and white pictures in the window panes--she said she used two sided clear scrapbooking tape and stuck to the front of the picture...I just love this idea!

Then, I was showing Kathy Seppala and she was like, oh--she should add a ribbon to the top :)
So Kathi Croft--Sepp thinks you should add a ribbon--that is just like Seppala :)

This next picture is the window pane I, I just need to add black and whites to it :)

I will show you how it looks later.....
Here are some more fun pictures of window panes!!
I found the above one on a website called The Junk Market :)
Look what this lady did above....she used it as a table!  This one was on Generation Cedar...
I love this shows pictures of a family trip---featured on Craft Nest :)
I love this one....what an awesome Idea--seen on Missing Shakespeare :)
Well...I hope these inspired you--I am going to go work on mine--
Thanks to my featured guest:  Kathi Croft :)

Luv ya,

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