Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hi, My name is Shelby and I am addicted to Decorating :)

Good Sunday Morning Everybody,

Hope everyone is enjoying their morning cup of Jo'!  I have had a really relaxing weekend and it has been nice--

***I HAVE TO TELL YOU I AM EXCITED ABOUT MY NEW ADVENTURE....along with the hockey sticks; I am going to follow my passion and sell chalkboard frames on my ETSY shop!!  It is going to be a blast; and since I have so much spare time (ha,ha)...I thought it would keep me busy!!  No, honestly--I just want to share my love for chalkboards with my friends :)  So, watch for that!!!

Also, I am selling a few more things on my "blogsale" today:

*Both of these have never been used:  I actually bought 2 of these and currently use both of mine :)

#1....THIS IS AN AWESOME PIECE OF MAGNET BOARD: it would look good in a child's bedroom, mudroom, on a chalkboard wall, or in a kitchen--heck in the garage....I LOVE MINE!
I bought it at Ikea :) 

$10.00 if interested.....still in package :)

This is how I use mine: I put student notes/cute magnets etc.

I BOUGHT TWO OF THESE, BUT ONLY USE ONE!! I got it at Lowes; I paid 20.00---willing to sell for $10.00 :)

---It looks really cute up; check out how I use it: Love hanging backpacks!
**I put pictures of each child above which hook they should slick :)

........Well, this is always fun :)  If anyone is interested just facebook or email me at:!!!

-----I may be linking later to my chalkboard frames....if anyone is interested on purchasing a chalkboard frame or wants one custom made for their home; just message me :)

....Thanks again for all the nice comments people have been saying about my blog, it is really just a nice outlet for me :)  A matter of fact, we are over 5000 HITS!!!!


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