Monday, April 11, 2011

PICTURES OF MY DECK first attempt at being "Martha Like"

A friend of mine asked me if I had any chalkboards left....unfortunately, I didn't....BUT, I told her I would be happy to make her one!!  It was lots of fun....I hope she likes it!  So, I put on my Martha hat and got to work for her....Here is how it looks!!

Check out the final result....I love a couple things about this.....
---it is not huge
--it is magnetic
and it has hooks!!

"These are a few of my favorite things"......:)

Acting Martha like made me also think of some other projects I hope to tackle this Spring.....

        **I really want to finish up my deck....add some final touches to it!!

Here are some pictures of my current deck :)

 I love sitting out here in the morning with a cup of coffee...but, I feel like it is missing updates will be posted soon!!

Enjoy the Sun... Luv,

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