Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Blog Sale Items....and My window boxes need Love :)

Wow, it is a beautiful day....I just took Collette for a walk and I am only blogging for a short time, because I need to be back outside!
                                                           BLOG SALE :)

BUT, I have some exciting Blog Items for Sale that would look great on somebodies porch or deck :)
**They need either a paint job, fresh stain, or just a cute chair cushion!!

I paid 100.00/piece....I will sell for 40.00 Each :)....One awesome thing is:  you don't have to put them together!! 

**** I am putting my whicker furniture out of front that is why I am selling them :)

**They have withstanded many seasons...they look really cute in the summer, fall, and spring :)
                           If interested email me or facebook: mycollette@gmail.com

                 ON A DIFFERENT NOTE.....my WINDOW BOXES need some LOVE!!!

...Check out these sad looking window boxes!

***If you are looking for a way to cheer up your windows add window boxes, they are super fun to plant!!!!

Well...I am going to go outside and play now---

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