Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome to the Nut House :)

Hi Everybody---

It has been so long since I blogged, with back to work, back to school, and four kids life has been CRAZY---But, I wanted to show you the new decal I got for my front door.

As you all know, I painted my front door turqouise last year--I found this decal that spoke beautifully of our family---It reads:

Welcome to the NutHouse :)

Our house truely is a nut house, with my own kids and every other kid in the neighborhood coming for a visit---wouldn't want it any other way.  I thought the red looked good with the color of the door. I just love turquoise, have you even seen the blog:  House of Turquoise, it has amazing pictures of turquoise used throughout homes---anyways---I better get back to the "Nut house"

Shelby :)

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