Saturday, May 5, 2012

Should We stay or Should We go?

Time is ticking and we are ONLY a few weeks away from knowing if we are moving from the home we built to start a new chapter of our life.  I have to say that deep in my heart I am very scared of what our new adventure holds, wether it be building a new home (Dream home pictured above), buying a affordable home already built, or staying where we are.

The home we live in now has been our sanctuary; it was built by my husband and his grandpa~~there are many firsts in this house.  However, in today's economy we feel it is a smart move for our family if we ever want to build a home that will be our "forever house".

So, as I sit here unsure of what our futures holds, I look at different home plans, check area listings, and remember the memories we have in this home.  Either way I am leaving this decision with the Lord, he knows what is best for us. 

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