Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Everyone Needs A Little Chalk in their Life!!

Ok Ladies :) You seriously have me beyond giddy! I love the fact that you all have supported me on my little blog Journey...who knows where it will go, but I am excited to take a ride on the..
"Blog Bus"....

With all this fun comes a little stress...Ok, how can I make these ladies happy now? They are following me and I don't want to disappoint!  I have a feeling that you guys will forgive me if I flub...because most mama's stick together~and Luv always (Right?)..well whatevs!!
So...My topic Ladies is Chalkboard walls! I have done this in the past, say 2 years ago..but, It has to be revisited~the reason why?...Every house should have a little blurb of chalk!!
This one is super duper cute...a small portioned wall over their bar!  Then they even put sconces above it~I love it!!
Add cap

To me...chalk makes a home unique...personal...lovely :)

***I found CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP chalkboard paint on Amazon, I linked it on my sidebar if any of you want some! You can use it on so much stuff and it is super duper easy....It's called Folkart!
Try a can if you at all feel inspired :)

Luv, Luv, Luv this whole wall!! Look how they wrote Dog with the arrow~it's those personal touches
 ..........There is something truly amazing about chalkboard paint...I think it is so universal that it can fit in any style house~you also can be creative...

**I even added it to a cheap piece of ikea magnet board and made a magnet/chalk board

...So if you guys feel the some chalkboard paint and get creative!!
You will LOVE it...I promise!

Keep Reading & Keep inspiring, Shelby

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