Friday, May 3, 2013

Something to cheer me up....I am emotional a.k.a hormonal too!

...Happy Friday Everyone~hope you all are having a great day!! Mine was quite sad, today was my last day at my current job as a school nurse to go down a new path~that path "health benefits" :)
...In all honesty, I am entering the hospital world part time to support my family with the benefit portion of life!!  The students were amazing and my co-workers "flowered" me with love!! It was very sweet.

Favorite letter from student:  Nurse Shelby Please don't leave...Can you come back..check yes or no!

In all reality, it had to be done...but, I am beyond  sad...extremely sad!! I don't want the tears to keep coming so I am going to change topics :) New Topic: Collette, my daughter's Nursery...

Why am I in the nursery I am not pregnant!  I am hormonal and emotional so let's talk about something sweet and happy...babies!!

Before we move any farther I just want to say the pictures I am going to show are not from my current home but the first home we built, it since has been changed, but the memory and pics are still there!

.....So to my "new bloggets" I would like to introduce you to a room that meant the world to only daughter's nursery!!  It was painted by Lynn Gillen and she did an amazing job ;)  It was a very beautiful room~I am looking forward to decorating Collette's new room in house #2!

...I thought if any of you are designing a nursery~you may be inspired by these pictures!!

Well...I hope you enjoyed some pics of Collette's room :) It definately cheered this mama up! I am going to head out to dinner with some ladies and enjoy a "Pop"

Luvs ya ladies~Cant wait for Matilda Jane Giveaway!


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