Monday, May 13, 2013

You Guys Have to Read this Book~Simply Incredible!

~Happy Monday Everyone :)
Well today was another start of a new week....some mornings are just soooo hard to get up
~today was one of them! I just wanted to stay in bed all morning!!

I know why I couldn't get up...I was seriously up late reading this book! It is hard to put down. I thought last night I have to share this with my bloggets.
The author's name is Glennon Doyle Melton and she runs the blog called momastery!
(Check out her blog if you have time tonight...)

The book is Called:  Carrior on Warrior, Thoughts on Life Unarmed.
In the book she talks about her personal struggle with addictions and how one day she decided she needed to change her life (she was pregnant, unmarried, and had addiction)~She became a new women and It is simply inspirational...
You know what I love about the the fact that she is real!  She does not paint a picture perfect life~like so many people try to hind behind.
I always feel that so many people are scared to tell others what is truly happening in their life because they are afraid of being judged~but reading this book the author talks when someone finally opens up and tells others their struggles the other person feels they too can express their own issues.

*I personally struggle with anxiety issues. I have never been ashamed to let my friends, co-workers, family or patients know of my issues.  I feel that I need others to know that I am anxious and that things are hard for me at times~I appreciate when others say "oh my gosh, I too have that same problem!"...then I don't feel like I am alone...we need to embrace each other's struggles and help one another...and that is what this book talks about!!

She is completely HONEST! She amazes me and I truly believe with all my heart that anyone would gain something from reading this book...Make it your Summer/Spring Read :) You will not put it down, I promise!!

And if you do buy it...Let me know and then we can talk about how awesome it is :)

Peace and Luv,

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