Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Mother's Day Giveaway :)

Happy Mother's Day to all my "bloggets" in cyber~space! 

I want to thank you for all supporting my blog..the love has been amazing~completely overwhelming!

**To Celebrate All the Mothers Out There~and those who are not yet mothers~or those that act as mothers at work or in life~I want to give you an opportunity to win this awesome find!!!

It is a Natural Life Wallet and I found it at this amazing store in Duluth Called Serendipity!
When I saw it~I thought~this is my giveaway..straight from my heart to yours!

Picture does not do it Justice~absolutely adorable inside & out!

To Enter: 

1.  Follow my blog using g-mail and leave a comment
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2.  Go to my facebook:
Like the page, share the link, and comment
(whoop, whoop~you are entered :)

Ends: Sunday, May 19th at 7:00 Centrail

*If you have a quick second in-between your busy "Mothers" day~I just wanted to send out a quick 
mother's day story personal from my heart!

**For those of you who don't know may not know that I became a mother when I least expected it!  I didn't have the perfect life story..the one where I anxiously await a positive pregnancy test while my husband holds my hand in support!

No that was not me.....far from it!
I was an 18 year old teenager who had just finished getting up for homecoming & just got back from the highschool state tennis tourney~! I would be graduating highschool in 6 months and planned a life of college & fun!  Well that plan was quickly changed~though I didn't know then~it changed our life for the better.

To make a long story short~my longtime boyfriend Travis (my hubby now) and I were young and in LOVE~we didn't have a care in the world and we couldn't believe that becoming pregnant would happen to us! Well it did!
We were young and scared~but we were determined to build a loving home for him.  It was a scary world~were dirty looks and "stigmas" surrounded teenage parents.  We soon found out that despite what others thought about us..The blessing of our son Jacob turned our life in a direction I couldn't ever even imagined for us!

Sometimes when your life turns you in a scary direction, you work extra hard to escape it!..I was able to finish RN School (studying day in and day out) and Travis (my hubby now) started his own businesses...we left a life were food stamps & welfare was our life~we educated ourselves and Learned how to support our own "little" family!

Through the hard work we escaped the scariness and built a family we were proud of.

~Here's our troops now...Jacob (13), Austin & Andrew (9) & our daughter Collette (2)

We couldn't imagined that one day we would be building our dream house...and living a life that only other's had..Dream big Mother's...cause everyone can have a fairy tale!

**So Happy Mother's Day to All of you out there...wether your story was the "perfect one"~or the one were struggle and bumps paved a road to happiness~we are all mother's and we all need each other's Support!!

Luvs, Shelby


  1. So sweet, Shelbs!!! So proud of you guys and all you have done and accomplished, your family is so beautiful!

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  4. Shelby~ you are a beautiful mother and woman~ on the inside and out! And you have created an equally amazing family! The girls and I sure miss seeing you at the school! Happy belated Mother's Day!

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  6. I follow your blog and FB. I LOVE this wallet!

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    I am really glad I stumbled upon your blog. I was a teen mom myself. It was really hard! No matter how well I thought we were doing, people still looked down on us... I am now a single mom with two little ones. Their dad just never really grew up and made some hurtful choices. It always makes me happy to see other former teen parents that did great with their lives. Age doesn't necessarily make a person a better parent, but a lot of younger people aren't ready for the responsibility. Anyway, sorry I'm writing a long comment, I am looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

  8. I follow on GFC! You are so strong! Thank you for sharing!

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  19. Thank you sooooo much for all your support~women need to uplift & inspire each other :) You guys inspire me!

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