Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all...This is the reality of my front porches current condition :) Where's the pumpkins??

Happy Fall Y'all!!
Hope Everyone is having a wonderfull start to Fall :)

To me, Fall is Magical :)
Okay, I'm exaggerating...it's just a Lovely season filled with...
*warm roasts
Ok...who am I kidding (to-go-chicken)
 *hot cocoa
(instant of course)
(ya, I don't watch football!)

...No in all honesty I do LOVE Fall and whatever I do it usually makes for a great day!!

Had to throw in an oldie :) One of my favorite Fall Days EVER!! I was pregnant with Collette and Lyssa Hilde came over to take pictures of the boys at our old house....it was a day to remember..the boys were hyper and we were trying sooo hard to get a good pic :) Hense this one!!! Love the look of Cornstalk on a porch!!

You are never going to believe this, but I am actually HOME ALONE right NOW!
Yes, you heard me right....home alone!!!

I was supposed to be at work, but due to low census I have the day off~
So...The kids are at school & Collette was signed up for daycare...
So...I am going to continue on my packing Mission!!

HOWEVER, I had an urge to blog :)

Let's Get Caught Up!!

Life has been CRAZY, but we are just a couple months away from Complete Completion :)

It's so nice to see progress at the house :)
Sometimes I feel like this home is never going to get done, but I try to be a "positive lady" and know that the day will come were I can look back and laugh at this experience....
(No, I won't be laughing @ all)...bu,t one can hope!!!

I am very eager to get in the new house because Fall is my favorite season for decorating!!
I absolutely adore, adore decorating my front porch!

But...this is the REALITY of my front porches current condition!!!

Temporary front door, ply wood, unstoned posts, construction material...but to me 
"it symbolizes hope for next Fall Y'all"

....I am going to go throw a pumpkin up for good luck though!!
If kids want to trick-or-treat...come on in :)
It can be spoooooky!!!!!

which there are many!!!!

...The fireplace and beadboard ceiling are complete...
well almost complete!
*the trim is done, floors are being laid...
things are getting done :)

***I do really Love how the fireplace came out!!
Makes me want to curl up next to it and read a book or go on facebook...

So Bloggets...this is my Reality..
But, I am truly blessed to have this as my Reality...
Life is good.

Peace out Homies,

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