Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spoooky "Dollar Ideas" for decorating your home!

Oh my, Halloween is creeping in!
Are you all ready to get your house spooked out?

I did some digging...
I found some...
Spoooky Halloween Ideas for Your Home
ALL FOR $1.00!!

yes, your heard me right...

~No need to spend a lot of money on a season that is short!
Come Along on the $1.00 Decorating Design Day!

Tour Starts here:
This First one was found on Parenting Magazine.
All you needs is a pool noodle~which can be purchased at the Dollar Store.
Add some striped tights, black heels, and You have Witch Legs!


 Second Up,
Is a Spook From My Past!
One Halloween, I decorated the window boxes as Tombstones.
Just gathered some fake body parts plus an old tombstone at the Dollar Store 
You are all set to go!

This last one comes from
Just buy glass bottles from the dollar store or ones you having laying around
& Simply fill with "halloween treats":)
Add a little Label that says
"Potion" or "witches mix"
and you are good to Go!!

Well I hope you enjoyed The $1.00 Ideas!
Have a spooooooktacular Wednesday.
Shelby :)

1 comment:

  1. Stealing the tights idea!! So fun, just love it. Nice to meet you!


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