Friday, October 4, 2013

I had like "a panic moment"...Plus Another Giveaway..Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Bloggets...
Hope everyone is having a "blessed Friday"....
Yesterday I panicked...
I panicked about releasing my Journal & within a few short hours I took it off my blog~
I had like a "panic moment"
I am scared.
I am scared for people to hear my story and judge me.
*You know buyers remorse...sometimes I have  "writers remorse"...
 I fear that I have put too much out there or others are judging me..the fear sets in...and I panic
In time, when I am braver, I will release it....
I will continue to work on it "scoop by scoop"

On another note...a brighter note...
~Things are really progressing @ the new house..
...we have floors in our basement
(which is a blessing because we can move our stuff in)
 a driveway!!
(which is a blessing because we can move our stuff in...LOL)
This house plan is turning into Reality....
I am completely amazed by all the work "dear hubby", family and friends have put into this piece of paper....which in a New Chapter for us :)
~More love donated by Lunchbox Love

Three more Cases to Go!!

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I know this because as a school nurse I see first hand how good little kids feel when mom or dad leave a special note in their lunch!:)

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Happy Friday,

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