Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In that moment, I felt this urgency to LIVE for the moment.

This past weekend, I celebrated my 35th birthday.
"the big 3-5"
It was actually a very relaxing, enjoyable day.
 We went to Church, enjoyed a Halloween party at the community center, and then ended the evening being spoiled by my girlfriends with dinner.
My boys decided to give me a present and not argue at all that day.
I couldn't believe it. I don't think one wrestling match took place in our home.
It was just peaceful.
I was feeling very blessed.

As I laid my head down for the night, I hopped on facebook and was reading the sweet FB birthday wishes. It was very heart warming and I felt very loved. 
In that moment, Life was very peaceful
As I continued to scroll through Facebook, I was stopped in my tracks by a story of a young mother of two, fighting for her life from stage 4 metastatic cancer.

She was my age or maybe even younger.
Had very young children.
Her cancer had spread, her options were running out.
Her chemo, her treatments, her surgeries...she had had Enough.
She went home to LIVE.
She remained strong in her Faith and knows God can heal her.
She is admirable. She is strong.

In that moment.
Laying in my bed, with my daughter squished in between my husband and I,
I put my hand on her.
I felt this wave of sadness but also of urgency fill over my body.
An Urgency to live..
Tomorrow is not gauranteed.
I want to 
Live a life enjoying the kids, being with them & really enjoying them.
Live a life soaking up each moment, being present.
Holding my husbands hand now and kissing him while I can.
An Urgency to see the World, Urgency to do those things we wait to do for another day
But, Most Importantly and above else
Living a life that is a God purpose driven life..
Because in the End.
When we have had enough.
He is our eternity.
He is the judge. 
I want to be ready for that moment. 

My prayer for all of us is that we realize our moment is now.
Let's not wait to start enjoying life and living in the moment.
Let's not wait to get in our faith because we never know when our Enough is Enough.

If you are fighting a cancer battle.
I pray for you. I pray for all the women and men fighting cancer.
Stay strong Warrior.
You are not alone!


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