Thursday, September 13, 2012

Starting a Fresh Slate....

This is really happening....we are building another house.  In a weird way, I feel that these pictures symbolize where I am in my life--starting a fresh new slate--tearing down the brush, old trees, and clearing way for a new piece of land to build our "new home" on.

***I, too, have been trying to rid my life of drama, anger, guilt, grudges, & sadness I have been hanging on too.  I am sick of worrying all the time.. I am clearing my mind for a whole new beginning...letting go of things that haunt me in my sleep and surrounding myself with positive people..Focusing my attention to the needs of my family and my own "emotional" needs.  It is time I start caring for myself...***

So these pictures not only symbolize us making way for a new house..but, it symbolizes me making way for a new attitude..a "positive" one!!

**And on a lighter note :)  A Deseperate Housewives type of scenario...
For Now....I am keeping the house plan TOP SECRET...which for me, is unheard off--I normally share with everyone, everything that is happening in my life right away...and that can get me in trouble..I want to keep the house design something that I can keep a "fun secret"..something that the neighbors can wonder about ;)

******Thanks for Listening....I hope I can learn to keep my "lot" clear and stay focused on the tasks ahead***********
Luvs, Shelby

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