Monday, May 20, 2013

Say it in the Lunch box :)

Happy Monday Bloggets! :)
I am beyond excited about this post today!!!~

Not Only is it another Amazing Giveaway
...but it something I believe Everyone Should truly have!!
What is this amazing product you might ask?

They are called: Lunchbox Love

*They are packages of positive notes and fun trivia for your children, friend, loved one, co-worker, or anyone you think could use a positive word!

....As a school nurse and a mom of four~I couldn't think of anything better to boost our childrens 
self-esteem..these are unbelievable!

I want to give you a little LunchBox Love tour....&then I will tell you about the Great Giveaway...whoop, whoop!

Let's Start with the Kiddos :)
Lunchbox Love for Kids!

*My children are beyond proud when I put one in there Lunchbox...they feel on top of the world..
I know this because as a school nurse I see first hand how good little kids feel when mom or dad leave a special note in their lunch!:)

 NOW...My personal Favorite one!!!

Lunchbox Love for Camp!!!!!!
*these are definately going in my son's hockey bag..when he heads to summer camp!

(Positive Notes & Camp Trivia)
*Pack with clothing, stick in socks, letters, & care my case stinky hockey bag!!

Can you stand how awesome these are?

So Reasonable in price...Roughly $2.99/pack!! Love the price!!

Now, you might be thinking.. well I don't have kids or my kids are all grown up?

Look at these sweet, adorable notes for Girlfriends ;)
*Feel good notes & inspiring quotes!

*I personally believe, you need to remind your girlfriends how important they are to you!

"Dear Hubby"
 Now...if your like me and get a little crabby at the "dear hubby" you can purchase the sweet,
Lunchbox Love for
"loved ones"

*Put them in pockets, pillows, with with gifts, or gift cards :)
You'll be forgiven before you know it!

*plus a package of Loved Ones, Appreciate, and Camp!!!!

Easy as Pie to Enter
***To enter:
Go to "Lunchbox Loves" facebook page~
1. Like their page
and then
2. Just Leave  a comment! :)
You will be entered!!!!!
(drop me a little note too that you entered if you remember..just so I know! :)

If you don't have facebook~
1. Go to their website
2. Then just leave a comment telling me your favorite product! :)

Drawing Ends: Sunday, May 26th @ 7:00

Thanks so much for your time...I know you will LOVE..Lunchbox Love as much as I do...
Shelby :)


  1. I liked their facebook page and love the cute sayings they had. How nice to have.

  2. I liked their fb page and left a comment. They are a great idea to brighten our kiddos day!

  3. I liked them and commented!!!


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