Sunday, May 19, 2013

We have a winner Bloggets...stop by and see!!! Also more to come :)

Happy Sunday Bloggets :)
*Hope all is well in cyberspace....I am excited that we have a Mother's Day Giveaway Winner!
You guys have left such amazing inspirational comments and that's what this blog is about~

Let's Inspire Each Other~Let's Support One Another in Each Other's Journey!

So...The Winner of the Wallet is...Nadya~Nadya SSK
Please email me at
Another Amazing Giveaway Coming Soon!!! You are not going to believe how fun it is!!


~~I found the most amazing barn door...I must have this is my new house!
There is something so "homey" that a word...about a cute little barn door!
It adds a unique look to any home :)

 *Plus it is my favorite color..turquoise! :)

Ok Ladies~I have to share this~Look at this adorable reading room below~I love the striped walls!
 For Directions for striped walls go to my post:
Stripes or No Stripes that is the Question

*What a Smart Idea..They used two mattresses~to form the day bed ~What an awesome idea!

*I strongly urge you guys to check out the amazing blog 
~You will be glad you stopped..absolutely adorable~
 And when I was dreaming of day beds~that led me to sleeping & that led me to bedspreads...
Look at this amazing deal at Kohl's...$20 for an adorable bed spread by Jennifer that's a deal!
Enjoy a Restful, Peaceful, and Blessed Night
Peace and Luv,

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