Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Countdown is On~Summer 2013 To Do List!

The Countdown is On~
Summer is Almost Here and Our Lovely Children will be home all Summer Long~

I don't know about you, but I worry about how I will keep them entertained all summer!

A couple years ago~in 2011~I came across this blog post on the blog called Whatever!

In the post she makes this adorable Summer To Do List for her Children and I just Loved the idea sooo much~I decided to make one too!

Here is hers~adorably done and color coded:

Some of her to do items were: Lemonade Stand, go camping, Library, Living room sleepover, boating, movie party. water balloon fight, roller coaster, drive in movie...the list goes on and on!!

~~~Now here is my Generic version on a chalkboard....notice it is not colored coded...but the concept is similar!

Some of my ideas~Sleepover with Friends, Mall of America, Doughnuts at Night, Valley Fair, Try to find ice cream truck, Hockey Camps, snow cones, Dance under the stars, Waffle Wednesday,,and many more!!

.........Overall it was really fun & believe it or not we got alot of stuff Crossed out!! I hope you and your kiddos can have fun creating a Summer List for 2013!!!

Peace and Luv,

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