Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If I Were Proper

If I Were Proper....
By: Me (Shelb-a-roo)

If I were Proper I would:

 Always be dressed to the "t"...with my hair perfectly done & my outfit just right...not a wrinkle in sight!

 I would say excuse me every time I burp, toot, or sneeze...and always say please!

 My House would be clean all the time...you could show up anytime!

I would never ever be late...and I would show up looking great!

I would bring homemade cookies and meals to every place I go...always putting on a wonderful show!

 I would bring fresh cookies to my new neighbors & greet them with smiles...letting them know I'm with in miles!

 I would iron my children's underwear and socks too...never forgetting my husbands too!

 I would mind my manners and not speak my mind~always being perfectly kind!

 I'd be the most perfect mother on the street and my life would be complete!

But Guess What!

So those things do not apply to me ;)

But, if you need a friend or a shoulder to cry on...I'll be the one you can rely on!

You have me!! :)

Happy Tuesday,

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