Sunday, November 17, 2013

Follow your heart? Or Follow Your Brain? Just follow your dreams :)

Happy Sunday Everyone...
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)
Mine was crazy, chaotic...but I managed to have a  fun filled weekend.
Watched some hockey,
spent time with friends and family,
had a cocktail
had a few cocktails
 read some uplifting books...I just LOVE my new Nook :)
I wanted to chat about something today...
Following Your Dreams.
..Anyone who knows me well,
knows that I am full of crazy ideas....many, many of them...
(my friends and family will attest to this)
Some good
some not so good!
..I find myself always trying to follow my heart..."my spirit"
rather than following my brain...the logic side 
It gets me into trouble sometimes...It gets me into situations I need help getting out of :)
Example 1 (LOL :)
I recently told a group of my closest friend that I had always wanted to be in a craft show,
something was tugging at me
so with a few weeks until the craft show  my amazing friends said "ok"
..with my lovely friends on board
 they helped me follow my passion
and together we crafted (in two days) an arrangement of inspirational quotes all
with Lotsa Dotsa, they came out awesome
 I came to them and said
something is calling me to donate all our profits to an orphanage in Uganda
and they supported me...
they questioned my thinking and where it came from..
totally out of the blue...
but they supported me
I am being led in another direction
one that I am scared to follow..
...I can't tell if it is truly a calling
another one of Shelby's "crazy ideas"...
A crazy idea that will lead to heart ache, chaos, and just plain old disaster...
Only time and lots of praying will tell...
But, that leads me to an important point....
Do you follow your heart?
Do you follow your brain?
I have so many smart friends and family members who think with there brain...
and I love that about them...
..they tell me the facts of my ideas
..they tell me the repercussions
...they tell me what I could lose
and I am grateful for them.
...sometimes I listen to them, and sometimes I listen to my heart...
One thing I know is..
following your heart and spirit...
can lead to sadness and struggle
happiness and triumph!
I continue to follow my heart...
I know I will continue to get burned at times...
but the burn will heal and beautiful skin will form!
I Encourage you all to follow your heart...
Follow those Dreams....
If others are concerned
thank them for their concern and continue on YOUR quest!
Be Guided By Your Heart and Your Dreams :)
Love, Shelby
A little house update...
we are so close I can almost taste it...
the stone work is complete...
It came out prettier than I ever could imagine...
I can't wait to give you all a tour :)

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  1. Your new home is gorgeous! How exciting for you! Thanks for inviting me over girl!! I was laughing because I made over the living room since that picture was taken. It's totally different now. As a matter of fact I'm hanging those curtains in my daughters bedroom today lol. Have a wonderful holiday! XO


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