Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Tuesday Bloggets!
Hope all is well!
I missed blogging..
I missed you guys!
I felt super eager to share with you a story...a story that is sad, sensitive, and personal!
~Some may laugh @ me
~Some may cry with me
~Some will think I am crazy
Something exciting happened to me last week.
I FELL in Love.
I fell in Love with a girl I have never met..
Her Name:
Katie Davis
You might have seen my link to her story on you tube and it truly remarkable.
*Please Meet Kaite....
Once I read and saw her story I could not look away anymore!!
Her story has changed me.
Her story has inspired me!!
Inspired me to make a difference.
She is beyond incredible.
But she takes no credit, for she finds all the credit in our Lord!
In in my heart
I had an urgency to share it with you!!!
because, I had this hope,
that you.....
also will find her story inspiring
help spread awareness of the extreme poverty
unimaginable conditions the young children of Uganda are living in!

If just one of you can help
by sharing this post
praying for Katie and the children
or donating to her cause
then we together have made a Huge difference in a little child's life!.

Please stop by Katie's blog
donate if you can, pray if you do, Share IF YOU CAN!

Before you do...
...Let me tell you a little about Katie.
..Katie, is a 21 year old girl,
who moved from her wealthy comforting life in Nashville, TN after high school
 to follow her calling.
 She had a calling to serve the poverty stricken country of Uganda.
She went there in hopes of helping FOR just for a short period of time 
ended up making Uganda her home
Has adopted fourteen young girls in Uganda!!!

...Besides caring for "her own"..
She brings sick children into her home..
Children she does not know..
 feeds them
 bathes them
heals them
 most of all LOVES them!
for many of them don't know Love.
You have to realize that these conditions
 the conditions these children are living in
 are something we as Americans cannot imagine!!

In her book..Kisses By Katie
she talks about babies and children sleeping on the dirt ground
Living in cardboard homes
 while animals walk over them and deficate.
 She talks about treating children with
scabies, worms, and jiggers.
she describes pulling jiggers out of there feet and running to the bathroom to vomit.
The conditions are unimaginable
She brings them into her home
to help them
when no one else will.
She has also established a ministry, Amazima, that feeds and sends hundreds more to school while teaching them the word of Jesus Christ.
You must stop and read her story if you can:

Or Follow her on facebook under:
Kisses from Katie by Katie J. Davis

I do not mean to preach or make you feel bad..
I in No means want anyone to feel guilty or sad....
I am here in hopes to inspire you to help!!!
..Maybe not this cause but another cause close to your heart....
There are sooo many causes close to home we can help
poverty close to home in our own Country

However, I believe, the holy spirit is Leading Me to Katie..
in turn hopefully Leading You to Katie!

...If you have any money to spare please consider her cause!
If you can, please visit her blog and on the right side of the screen is a donate button.

I hope, pray, and believe..
You too will feel compelled to help.

*Sometimes in life something pulls at our heart strings
 draws us to someone or something...
~This has been mine :)

Thanks so much for reading .....May God bless you!!!



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