Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Has my Life Become Cluttered with Stuff?

Happy Tuesday Everyone~
Hope everyone had a glorious day!
As you all may know we..
 are just "weeks" away from moving into our new home!
I am beyond excited~
I am excited to enjoy the feeling of our new home~
..the smell of a new kitchen
..the feel of new appliances
..the warmth of my fireplace
..all the space to gather & entertain friends and family
...We can finally enjoy the "fruits" of dear hubby's Labor....
as great as it sounds...
There is something special I have learned being in this smaller home
..with none of "our stuff",
...with none of my "decorations",
...with none of my "cozy painted colors" or "beautiful tile"
where all we have is each other
..I realize
...has my Life Become Cluttered "With Stuff"
Stuff that doesn't make much of a difference in the scheme of life....
A very small period of time on earth.
.. I realize that being here.
~I have to create the love and happiness from me and just me...
not my decorations, not my paint color, not my cabinets....
just me.
I am it for them.
and with that
I have had to search...
search myself for the happiness my husband and children deserves while here.
Creating an appearance of happiness is not hard.
Anyone can do it.
But actually finding happiness in just the simple things is not always easy!!
Can you find happiness in just the simplest of things?
Has your life too been cluttered "with stuff"?
Stuff that cannot be taken with you when you leave this earth/
Stuff does not create happiness....it can make you feel happy temporarily
 eventually you will need to search to a greater power!
the power of prayer is amazing...
I have found an amazing website that has truly changed my spiritual Life:
If you are too in a search to find happiness "in the simple things" read her blog!
Very uplifting!!

peace and love,

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